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ECO-Foam / AFFF Fire Extinguisher - Schuim Brandblusser | SAFE

ECO-Foam / AFFF Fire Extinguisher - Schuim Brandblusser
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High Dutch quality SIMPLUS fire extinguishers. FOAM AFFF is the better replacement for the Dry Chemical/ Powder extinguishers in most cases. Dry Chemical and Powder are known for the damage the powder can do. Modern foam fire extinguishers are specially designed and tested to also safely use on electrical fires up to 1000V. Also powder can take away visibility when used indoor and may disturb people to find their escape route. That is also why we recommend foam extinguishers in lots of cases.

Available in 2L, 6L, 9L and wheeled 45 and 50L

We also have a line of ECO Foam extinguishers filled with an environment friendly Foam/AFFF agent.

Suitable for shops, residential homes, offices, hotels, any premises with flammable liquids and places where small size and light weight are a consideration

 Types of fire include Class A (wood, paper, cloth, etc), B (flammable liquids)

All extinguishers are CE, SOLAS (M.E.D. 96/98/EC) and Class approved for the marine industry.

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Suitable for fire classes: