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About Safety And Fire Equipment BV (Ltd)

Welcome to WWW.SAFE.CW, the new website of AGNESI Fire Protection Curaçao & SAFE B.V. 

In addition to sales, maintenance and certification of fire extinguishers and LSA equipment, SAFE BV offers a wide range of products and services related to fire safety, marine safety, prevention and personal protection. SAFE BV offers a total package of prevention tools, such as safety pictograms, emergency exit lights, first aid kits, escape plans and automatic suppression systems to name a few. We are a proud distributor of Sea Fire, Stat-X, Simplus, Saval and Anaf.

SAFE BV supplies marine protective equipment and safety gear for ships and vessels both commercial and leisure, emergency response products such as life vest, life rafts, life rings, buoys, immersion suits, pyrotechnics (flares, smoke signals), line throwing appliances, breathing apparatus, fire blankets, stretchers, first-aid kits, etc.

We understand the specific challenges involving fire and safety and work to tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs.

AGNESI Fire Protection is now part of Safety and Fire Equipment B.V. (SAFE B.V.). AGNESI Fire Protection Curaçao and SAFE B.V. combined can offer a complete solution for all your safety requirements. Our goal is to provide excellent product quality and service to ensure the best safety and fire protection you can get. 

Our software system will keep a record of when inspections are due so you never have to worry about being delinquent on required inspections.

At SAFE B.V. we understand the importance of service after the sale. We also provide training on the operation and maintenance of your fire prevention products and a comprehensive inspection and preventative maintenance program.

All our personnel is certified and approved according to the Dutch and European standards to ensure the best service available. 

AGNESI Fire Protection Curaçao / SAFE B.V. is approved by the Fire Department of Curaçao.