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Fire Equipment Service

Portable and Wheeled Fire Extinguisher Service and Certification

Portable fire extinguishers and wheeled fire extinguishers require periodic maintenance and inspection. AGNESI Fire Protection Curacao / SAFE B.V. can provide a complete service for your annual inspections as required by Dutch law according to European standards. 

We will make recommendations to ensure your facility is protected with the appropriate fire extinguishers end equipment according to the current regulations NEN-4001:2006. 

All our service personnel is certified and trained according to the Dutch Law

All fire extinguishers shall be inspected annually by a certified inspector. 

Every 5 years, foam, AFFF and "wet" fire extinguishers require large maintenance and replacement of the extinguisher agent. 

Every fire extinguisher require a 10-year rebuild process where the complete extinguisher is dismantled and checked. Parts are replaced and extinguisher shall be emptied and subjected to the applicable maintenance procedures before refilling and putting back to service. 

CO2 extinguishers require a additional pressure / hydrostatic test at the 10th year.

Our certified service personnel is dedicated to their job to ensure a working fire extinguisher when you need it.

24 Hour Emergency Service

SAFE B.V. provides 24 hour service for any emergency to help you to minimize downtime and keep your business running. We can make most necessary repairs on site. At SAFE B.V. we understand the importance of service after the sale and client service. We can also provide training on the operation and maintenance of your fire prevention products and a comprehensive inspection and preventative maintenance program.