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CO2 Fire Extinguishers / Koolzuursneeuw Brandblusser
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High quality SIMPLUS CO2 fire extinguishers available in 2kg 5kg, wheeled 10 to 60kg units.

Perfect solution for small electrical fires. No damage caused by the extinguisher agent like with powder/foam/AFFF.

Suitable for all premises with live electrical equipment, computers, machinery, small flammable liquid fires and welding, factories, machinery, garage workshops, plant rooms, motor rooms.

Types of fire include Class B (flammable liquids) and fires involving live electrical equipment

Where is a CO2 Extinguisher NOT Ideal?

One of the places a CO2 fire extinguisher should not be used is in a kitchen. Most kitchen fires are started with cooking oil-a substance that cannot be snuffed out by CO2. The reason for this is that oil fires can be easily asphyxiated by CO2 removing oxygen; however, it disperses quite quickly, which may cause popping and ultimate spreading of the fire.

CO2 extinguishers will also have very little effect on fires outside and fires of fixed materials (wood, cartons, plastics, paper etc)

All CO2 extinguishers are CE, SOLAS (M.E.D. 96/98/EC) and Class approved for the marine industry.

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Suitable for fire classes: